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Wear our Elegant silky blouse from the effervescent Marena Kaneva brand with one of our lilac pencil skirts or go bold and wear with white skinny jeans and sandals for a refined smart casual look A simple classy straight cut pencil skirt perfect for our favourite top and bottom mismatch office look

From Closet to Almari,
Dresses up to 25,000 max

Redoute to Linzi n more,
Shoes up to 25,000 max

From TU to Marina Kaneva...
Tops up to 18,000 max

From Closet n more...
Skirts up to 20,000 max
From Next n more...
Jackets up to 25,000 max
Richmond to Warehouse,
Trousers up to 15,000 max


Stay beautiful and fashionable!
Your Shopping Team.


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