Today is Thonbs' #PopUp 'Dresses n Shoes'
Bonanza in Buea.

We're taking the best of
our overseas dress and shoes collection
to the ladies and women of Buea Today!

See you at ETA Palace as from 10:00am today



Remember, You can use your 10% email voucher at today's pop up shop in Buea. Just present this voucher email before payment...


You'll be thrilled by the amazing prices we've planned for you today!!

From Closet to Almari,
Dresses up to 25,000 max
Redoute to Linzi n more,
Shoes up to 25,000 max
Richmond to Warehouse,
Trousers up to 15,000 max

From Closet n more...
Skirts up to 20,000 max
From Next n more...
Jackets up to 25,000 max
From TU to Marina Kaneva...
Tops up to 18,000 max


We're Waiting for You!
Your Shopping Team.


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