Rowan cabbarus community college

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rowan cabbarus community college

He is verbally swearing at employees unwanted touching hugging even kissing on the face and saying I Love You. We eat there once a week and Id say everyother week its HORRIBLEWhere I was serviced by TRAVIS D. It is that someone fraudulently added money on my bill probably thinking I would not notice. Me and my family went to the one in ChristiansburgVA while traveling

My family and I visited the Ruby Tuesdays in Middle River Maryland on the th of March and we ended up leaving. Dont know how to make a formal complaint but guess Ill start here. NO the rice was yellowish it looked like it was over cooked mushy. Im taking my business elsewhere. All he had to do is wait on us and not make a scene. My friend I ate at the Ruby Tuesday by Lakeside Mall. In the short time I worked there I witnessed Sandra slam dishes cuss at every single employee she has no patience what so ever her level of professionalism is at a serious low I will never understand why Managers think they are better than their employees. We were regular customers. When I arrived there he handed me my food and I told him what had happened and he said that was me on the phone

Your employees safety should have been considered. Where my family lives in Berkeley California I am constantly having to counsel my year old about the urbanization that he is introduced to him through the public school system. The location is hard enough to deal with as the parking lot and entrances are a automobile accident waiting to happen. With the managers having sex with servers and barstaff and playing favorites Rodney the gm servando kitchen manager with no standards and Danny fing the bartender this is your management Grill line is filthy they take a water hose to clean the grill big health violation when they spray the hose on the grill cross contamination. He told me that he will resolve the issue and I requested my tip be fully refunded. Their wines are way over priced. I asked ruby Tuesday to reimburse us for our loss and they refused and hired a lawyer to try the case in court. I printed out the coupon and went to our local Ruby Tuesdays with a smile thinking I was going to actually get a free cheeseburger. br We didnt complain but we wont go back again for probably months. True it wasnt my business but he could have at least said thanks for your concern butIt has gone downhill Seated at for lunch. Once again Suzy I really really appreciate your concern

Her husband hit the baby and now she needs help with supporting the children. To whom may concern. Furthermore what is the use of having coupons if you cant use them My girlfriends and I are completely disgusted and we have decided that we will not be coming to your restaurant any further. Upon our arrival we were greeted and seated promptly. Tim English General Manager. The kitchen made another batch but it was the same. Took a few bites and to my astonishment looked at the meat and found it to be raw not medium well. My family and I found it completely unprofessional childish and immature. I visited Ruby Tuesdays last night with my husband and year old. I guess thats called CYA

rowan cabbarus community college

Some day there would be cooks for the entire kitchen on each shift. She works with her staff helps clean and helps take get orders out. When we finally got seated the server came and took our drink order. thats just nasty amp gross I will make sure my complaint is heard amp they are inspected amp that they have all new workers bc that absolutely didnt make any since. We called for the manager and told him what had happened. The dog is sleeping on leather seats with a dog jacket on its dry warm and there is no snow no ice only rain outside. She took all three of our separate checks and payments. The bar is a bar service depends on how crowded the establishment is but generally beverages are served quickly unless the bartender is also waiting tables

Our waitress just kept saying it will be coming out very soon. Thank youI really think Ruby Tuesdays should really read all of their complaints and make sure they take action with all complaints with coustomers with satisfying them and take action with the restaurant that has completes about otherwise this restaurant wont be in business much longer. There really needs to be an improvement on the service. Our appetizer was hot but everything went down hill after that. The manager sent our server home and Im pretty sure fired her

I will credit you for the sampler meal. I will continue to be a patron. The man that said it I assume was a manager and said mark his words I should probably be quite there is a customer but oh well f. restaurant and I want you to know how great the service was My girlfriend and I always eat the salad bar and your manager Felicia overheard us say we wished they had bigger plates She went above and beyond and got us bigger plates and made our experience a very pleasant one Now that we know we just have to ask we will enjoy our salads as usual but with a little more room to mix them up. If I cannot wash my hands in hot water before leave the ladies room that means the Servers and Food Prepares cannot wash their hands in hot water before leaving the ladies room YUCKI sooooo agree We need to start a petition To whom it may ConCernbr I frequent Ruby Tuesday often its mins away from my house. This small town has very few restaurants already amp it looks like we are getting really close to losing one of the ones that was a nice place to eat. I was in that location five times in a week. br So lesson leaned If you want to get TRETED RUDELY YELLED at from the bartenders from across the bar and have a bar tender leave the bar and keep repeating in your face very loudly that he is NOT going to wait on you meanwhile while the MANAGER is looking on and ALLOWING this then this is the place for you. We usually enjoy it. I thot wow more money Possibly a raise. I was annoyed by then

rowan cabbarus community college

I was not impressed. Its disgustingly dirty and has the worst service of anyplace Ive been to in years and years. ruby tuesday lagrange ga is AWFULThe hostess called every other guest by name when their table was ready. I must say due to the lack of customer service I have received we will not visit Ruby Tuesday again. So walked out and ordered Chinese food. Your north windham location is beyond fixing your gm david welier gets his employees strung out on pain should know he did it to me

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    What happened to table visits and bathroom checks I never saw a manager by the way. I have had my schedule changed after it was already made and i have been called worthless. even angers me. These tiny things are two bites for a polite eater. Manager walked by table twice without acknowledgement

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The entry way rowan cabbarus community college glass doors were full of finger prints. It had been quite awhile since I had been there. Very poor

I spoke with rowan cabbarus community college the manager on duty female and she said she thought she was faking it. The manager didnt so I decided to ask for him or her

The food was fabulous and the waiter was awesome. I need help getting pay stubsI can not believe the treatment of the store in Jasper rowan cabbarus community college Al. The waitress got the order right and checked on us regularly

We preceded to order our meals and my wife ask rowan cabbarus community college about a military discount the waitress said that they do not give military discoubts. Almost minutes or more our food finally comes I asked to speak with the manager Rick who was interacting with his family at the yimeand he FINALLY came over to adk about the problem. The place was clean and thew food rowan cabbarus community college goodChemicail dripping units a product called triple rowan cabbarus community college C which is citrus based but still has small bacteria level in it to make towns happy that require it because as most of us know you bacteria is waste do to all sanitizers and soaps any commercial building uses but we found citrus to work greatOn Tuesday July I went to Ruby Tuesday on Fayetteville Rd

Recent visit to Ruby Tuesdays on Tower Road near DIA rowan cabbarus community college Colorado. br Be blessed

And you owe me a pair of tan designer heels with a white eyelet lace peep toe. this customer is gone for good and have gone over to codys rowan cabbarus community college rowan cabbarus community college roadhouse its only a few miles further and better on service and coupons. I have called payroll and corporate with no help

My husband rowan cabbarus community college and I frequent the Ruby Tuesday in Jacksonville Florida. We are white obnoxious fbomb vile woman white

The other bartenders are awesome the food is great but two unchecked selfserving staff members can taint the whole ambience. br No way could I eat my Dinner after that. I called back to get number and the girl was nice at rowan cabbarus community college first